Awards Eligibility and Self Promo

Hello and welcome to Elad’s 2022 writing wrap up! Not quite as many publications as last year, but that was a wild and crazy year that I will most likely never replicate. This year, I wrote a lot, got rejected a lot, and published some stories. I will take it!

Let’s go down the list, starting from the latest to the last:

Earlier this month, my drabble (are there awards for those??), “Dig, Dig, Die” – about insectiods with generational grudges – appeared in Shacklebound Books’ PLANETSIDE anthology.

In September, my magic realist horror tale, “But My Heart Keeps Watching” was featured in Issue #8 of Underland Arcana. (spoiler alert: I’ll also have a story in Issue #9)

In the Spring, my Jessica Jones-inspired bit of superhero fun, “Life in a Glasshouse” was featured in the NO ORDINARY MORTALS anthology from Rogue Blade Enterainment.

In April, my Adam and Eve near-future retelling, “The Rememberence Engine” was featured in an issue of Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine.

And finally, another drabble, “Please Dispose of Your Heart Properly” was featured in Microfiction Monday Magazine.

Thank you for reading and thanks for stopping by.


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