Awards and Kudos Eligibility Post, 2021

Hi! I’ve had nine stories published (*and one reprint!) in 2021, my most successful year ever!

Here they are in reverse chronological order, for funsies:

All My Memories Are You” was published in the Disguise issue of perhappened.

A silly, Star Trek-inspired bit of fun was my third appearance in the Daily Drunk: “The Nerdiest Thing You’ll Read Today”

“Time Keep” was published in the BSFA’s Fission #1, currently only available to BSFA members. I’m planning to read this story in early February at – stay tuned for updates!

My alien High School crush story, “Cerulean” was my second appearance at Sledgehammer Lit this year.

I had a micro in the Branching Out: International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction anthology put out by Brilliant Flash Fiction. “Festival of Fire” is about a Hanukkah monster.

“Where To Find Your End of the World Lover” was my first appearance at Sledgehammer Lit.

One of my favorite presentations of one of my stories, “Young Man, Are You Lost?” was performed with such wicked aplomb in the Night’s End Podcast’s second season.

“The Dying Disease” was published at Literally Stories in early 2021. This was written well before the pandemic, but feels rather timely.

And, finally, I had a micro published on New Year’s Day at Your Dream Journal, a Daily Drunk sidehustle. “Every Awful Sound” was another little monster story.

Thank you so much for reading and clicking! I would take any awards anyone wants to give me, but I’d also welcome high-fives, thumbs up emojis, or a good natured slap on the back.

*And in late December, my story, “Halfway Down The Hole” originally published 16 years ago at the oft-remembered, was featured at Not Deer Magazine.

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