Publication Roundup – 2020

*dusts off blog*

*clears throat*

Despite a difficult year for all of us, I’ve managed to publish some fiction, which brings me joy. I had a goal this year to publish at least four pieces of fiction, including an anthology, and I met it! *insert more joy*

First up, my story “Stay In Your Homes” was featured in the 137th issue of Space and Time Magazine. It’s a story born out of living in the dense Florida heat since 2004 and imagining a climate crisis future of extreme heat and what people might do to survive it.

The PRINT issue is available via Amazon here: Space and Time #137 or via PDF from this Archive link.

Next up, my story, “Bee Mine” was featured in a fun new online magazine cheekily named, Your Dream Journal. I originally wrote this story for a <500 word flash fiction contest. When it didn’t advance, I added some more paragraphs to give it a little more texture and then sent it off to Your Dream Journal after reading a few of their funky pieces. It was immediately accepted and published the next day!

“Bee Mine” on Your Dream Journal.

My next story was published in November, but I had the idea over the summer. I was lounging in a pool and I looked up in the sky and saw the Sun and the rare daytime Moon. I thought about how those two must be friends or possibly lovers. And a silly story came out. It was published in the humor-based (and awesome) website, The Daily Drunk.

“P is for Planetsized” at the Daily Drunk.

Finally, I have a forthcoming reprint coming out before the end of the year (if all goes according to plan.) Last year, my story “The Conductor Sighs” was published in Flash in a Flash newsletter. The publisher, Jason Brick, is taking 100 of those stories and putting them together into a flash fiction anthology titled Worth A 1,000 Words. He launched a Kickstarter a couple weeks back and it funded in under 4 hours.

No official book page (yet) but here’s the Kickstarter.

And that’s it for 2020! I have a number of stories already scheduled to come out in 2021 and I hope to be more active in this blog to promote or at least discuss those pieces.

Thank you for making it this far.

Stay safe, hug your loved ones,


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